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Studio t is the first to bring the casting profession to Italy. Thanks to our extensive experience and know-how from working with a myriad of local & International productions, we are able to resolve the many difficulties which may arise in composing a successful cast and offer a seamless efficient service that will satisfy your every casting need.


Studio t was founded in 1985 by  Lilia and Roberto Trapani. We are located in a loft, in a typical Roman neighbourhood between  Castel St Angelo and St Peters.


Our know how  is based on years of experience in the field, from which we have learned how to resolve the many difficulties which may arise in composing a cast.


We are the first company to  begin casting in Italy . Many famous actors had their first auditions through us, and it is a great satisfaction to see their careers develop and succeed.


As we are active in every field of show business, we come into contact with a vast array of performers. Through our love for stage work we are in contact with numerous well and lesser known actors, all of whom are quality performers though not all are active in the TV. Fiction circuit.


Our experience in casting for international productions has given us specific knowledge of the English speaking community of actors in Italy. Our contacts in casting on an international level, enables us to support our clients  throughout  Europe.


Currently we speak  English, French, German, Italian & Spanish. Infact, we often work with international productions.


In order to assist directors and producers identify the right performer for the right role, it is essential that lighting, sound and every technicality are well studied and tuned to bring out the best  in the actor. Actors should feel at ease and relaxed, knowing that we are there to help them give their best  throughout the audition.  Following direction during an audition, using appropriate make up, costume, or if necessary helping create of a set, all contribute to a smooth audition . An audition well done helps the director, production team and performers enormously.


A huge variety of artists, from stunt men and street artists to more mainstream performers are included in our database.

As our archive spans artists in such a diversity  of fields, we are able to identify and match specific characteristics required. This helps us to be comprehensive and diversify our proposals to directors.

In this way, we not only propose actors for central roles, but also for more minor ones, which, if well chosen, can add much flavour to both cast and production.

Our  digital archive with supporting  show reels is constantly being updated.  We provide our casting clients with screenings if there is no time to organize an audition ad hoc, or if an actor is temporarily unavailable.


If you urgently need to see auditions, we can render the auditions soon after recording and place them on our website with password access.

  • Our expertise and experience in the sector allows us to solve many different problems that arise in the composition of a successful cast.

  • Whether it's a big international production of a film, television series or advertising, since 1985 Studio-T is the point of reference for anyone who needs to organize a casting in Rome.

  • Our know how is based on years of experience in the field, from which we have learned how to resolve the many difficulties which may arise in composing a successful cast.

  • Studio-T offers the most up to date technical solutions and welcomes you in a charming loft in the heart of ancient Rome, located between St. Peter's and Castel Sant'Angelo.

  • Studio-t has more than twenty years of experience in the casting sector and had the pleasure of working with: Ridley Scott, Spike Lee, Jean Jacques Annaud, Mike Barker Gabriele Salvatores, Martin Scorsese, Gabriele Muccino, Jean Pier Jenet, David Lynch, Joe Pytka, Antoine Fuqua....

  • We were the first to bring Casting to Italy


Italian casting department by Lilia Trapani of Studio t

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